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Typical Amsterdam style finger food, canapés and snacks

Slices of the classic Amsterdam ‘Ossenworst’ Ox-Sausage of Butchery T.F.M. Louman from the ‘Jordaan’

The modern dry sausages of Brandt & Levie sausage makers.
Variations: Black Pepper, Fennel Seed, Garlic with nutmeg, Chile with oregano and rosemary with rose petals

Amsterdam ‘liver sausage’ made the “old style’en spiced with ginger and marjoram.

Mokum (Amsterdam) style mini meatball served with or without mustard

Picks of ‘Skeapsrond’, green apples and date.
The organic dairy sheep company ‘Dikhoeve’ is located in the picturesquely
Ransdorp on the north side of Amsterdam.

Old Amsterdam cheese stick with Kesbeke Pickles and cherry tomato

Lollipop herring and pickles

Salt herring pickled with dill and pink pepper

Canape with goat cheese and lavender blossom and clover honey

Lollipop with roasted pear, roasted beef and cream cheese

Breadroll with Holtkamp Croquet

The well known Bitterballen of Patisserie Holtkamp. Made in the traditional way, according to traditional recipes with Dutch veal.

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