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Renting materials for your catering

Specially for bigger events you might not have all the equipment and supplies needed. In this case it is possible to rent materials for your catering. We are there to assist you with advise about the materials/equipment you need and we’ll organize the logistics around it.

Catering service with equipment and rentals of supplies

With our catering and event service it’s our aim to offer you a full service including the hire of the needed equipment and supplies. Weather you need a just 1 or few pop up marquees for your Amsterdam city garden, or a large framed marquee to fill a park we’ll set it up. Tables, table ware, chairs or furniture. We’ll make sure that it’s all there, on time and installed.

Checklist ready or need some advice?

Contact us via e-mail about the need of your supplies and equipment. We are happy to visit the location with you and advice you on furnishing and decoration. You can also use our quote form to inform us about your plans and wishes.

Hire for one-day or for an extended period

Most catering events just require a ‘1 day hire’ meaning that we’ll deliver all equipment the day prior to the event and will pick it up the day after.

For those events that last more than one day we can off course rent equipment for longer periods. In those cases we’ll provide you with the option to return dirty glassware and tableware and have a daily supply of fresh and clean materials.

Set up and installation of equipment and materials

All materials are delivered on trolleys and our drivers will leave them in the appropriate room. Depending on the type of equipment the ‘set up’ and installation will be done by logistic staff or catering staff.

More catering rental information needed ? Don’t hesitate drop us an e-mail now. If you are organizing an Amsterdam event from abroad then please inform us about your time zone.

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