Nibble menu

Complete your drinks party with a selection from our list of nibbles. These small snacks make our special beers and wines taste even better. We place them in small trays on the (standing) tables and bar and so that your guests can serve themselves.

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Nibble menu

Nibble menu

Rosemary crackers with a beetroot & hummus dip

Raw vegetable sticks and breadsticks with hummus & artichoke dip

In wine vinegar, lemon and olive oil marinated Taggiasca olives

A mix of smoked almonds and lightly salted nuts

Diced organic 3 months old Queso Manchego

In olive oil and red peppers marinated diced Feta

The classic Amsterdam ‘Osseworst’ sausage by butchery Louman from the Jordan

Amsterdam liverwurst made the “old way” and seasoned with ginger and marjoram.

The “modern” dry sausages by Brandt & Levie sausage makers. Variations: Black pepper, Fennel seeds and Rosemary with rose petals.


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