Appetizers & Snacks Catering

We not only make delicious snacks, canapés and snacks and
appetizers but also do our very best to fit these with the nature of the
catering and the event and of course with the group of guests.

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Catering Service of Snacks and Appetizers in
Different Forms

Depending on your wishes, budget and available space and the selected snacks, we can offer you
various services around snacks and appetizers.

Snacks with Waiting Stuff

Snacks with Waiting Stuff

A snack or appetizer tastes better when
served on a nice tray and with a smile. With
pleasure, we’ll provide you with service staff
to ensure that you are free of worries and
can enjoy your event. Our party manager
and crew ensure that your guests receive
everything on a silver platter.

Snack Service with a Chef

Snack Service with a Chef

Some snacks taste better when they are
finished last-minute by one of our chefs
on location. Warm snacks are of course
tastier when they just come out of the
oven. Our chef will arrive with all the
equipment needed to present all the

Snack & Appetizers

Snack & Appetizers "Drop Off" services

If the space on site is too limited to have
catering staff or if there is no budget to
hire a chef and waiting staff, we can
provide you with a selection of cold
snacks that are ready to present.

Appetizer Menus

Cold canapés and appetizer menu
Cold canapés and appetizer menu
Hot appetizer and canape menu
Hot appetizer and canape menu
Amsterdam appetizers
Amsterdam appetizers
Vegetarian appetizers
Vegetarian appetizers
Sweet snacks
Sweet snacks

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Catering Offerte & Kontact

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