Savory tiramisu canapes on tray for walking dinner

Catering in Amsterdam

Do you arrange catering for your department or company in Amsterdam for a walking dinner, reception, party or lunch treat?

mini salad on tray for walking lunch catering
mini salad on tray for walking lunch catering
Zing Good Food is your answer for a delicious canapes, snacks, dinner, lunch, drinks and standing reception catering. We are a caterer who is not only good at cooking, making nice menus and serving drinks, but also actively thinks along with your needs.

  • Tasty and original canapes, appetizers and snacks, good food with special taste.
  • Catering for reception gatherings and catering for corporate cocktail parties in Amsterdam
  • Matching menus, custom designed to connect with your guests or target audience
  • Fast and clearly specified catering quotations for the Amsterdam area
  • Catering that fits your budget
  • We can consult you about 100% organic catering, fair trade or regular catering
  • Free advice about cost savings and how to strengthen your customer relationship via catering

Continue here for a tailor made catering proposal in Amsterdam. The more details you provide, the better a proposal and offer will be tuned to your needs and requests

Catering of health food 

When should you call upon Zing Food to organize your catering? The name ‘Zing’ explains that we make our food to excite and energize our guests. Our kitchen in Amsterdam constantly fights against too heavy food, especially for lunches. We try to avoid the  ‘lunch-dip’ we all know, caused by a bloated feeling after lunches with excessive use of carbs and other difficult to digest ingredients.

Our lunch catering menus contain therefore fewer sandwiches, less yeast bread. If possible we prefer salads, light soups and veggie snacks.

Turning dishes into energy starts by visualizing. Presentations should look fresh and attractive and that is exactly how we present it. Our snack catering menu will have many vegetarian options, which are pleasers for all guests.

We carefully select dishes in consultation with the organizer, whether you organize a buffet, sit-down dinner or a light lunch and never stick to a fixed menu.

Call or e-mail us if you plan an event in Amsterdam and surrounding area.

Our offer form is the easiest way to get things going.


Catering Amsterdam that will please your boss and colleagues

Organizing an event that involves catering is in one way or the other somewhat challenging your job or promotion. You want to stay inside the budget, yet have good food and if possible get some credits from your boss and colleagues.

Luckily there are more than 100 caterers in Amsterdam, so choice in abundance. We want to differentiate from the other caterers by replying to your catering inquiry and asking some additional details.

There is always more than the standard catering of reception gatherings, lunch, dinner or snacks.

There is always a reason why a catering is planned and there is a target to achieve with the event.

Target audience and expectations are important fragments of organizing a catering.

We will always take these aspects in consideration when we receive a catering request and try to map all request to your upmost convenience.

Our Amsterdam catering Kitchen

We started our catering from home, a first floor apartment in de Amsterdam “Pijp”, presently we occupy a cooking studio, at No 180, Warmondstreet, Amsterdam South near the Hoofddorp square. A lovely location spaced for workshops and meetings. From this location we are able to reach the city center quickly. Reach, via the Ring road, the RAI congress center and Amstelveen.

We do cater in the surrounding vicinity of Amsterdam and depending the size of the order we cover the whole country if needed.

Catering with local Amsterdam products 

When you are proud of your city, you want to reflect that to your guests. We do that!

Amsterdam is famous for its rich history, not only in beautiful architecture, but also for products made by traditional methods.

Best known is probably ‘Old Amsterdam’ cheese, but pickled onions and gherkins from “Kesbeke” are a must in any true Amsterdam Catering.

Truly special is the Camenbert style, sheep cheese called ‘Skaepsrond’ from the ‘Dikhoeve’ farm in Ransdorp. Black pepper sausage from ‘Brandt & Levie’ accompanies drinks like no other and their fennel sausage should not be missed as well.

All these delicacies pair perfectly with a cool beer from brewery ‘De Prael’ and if you’re not into alcohol, a cool apple juice from the Beemster area.

Catering  in a by you selected space in Amsterdam

A little word of caution here, if you have selected a specific space for your event, we will be more than pleased to do the catering for you. But, please check with the landlord of the premises if he/she allows an external caterer. We love to organize your event from A to Z. Some premises owners do however require that service staffs, tables, chairs and drinks are supplied by themselves.

We greatly appreciate your corporation if this is the case, to avoid multiple quotations, which is as much annoying for you as for us.

Please check with the owner of the location if there any restrictions and let us know beforehand.

Catering on the Canals and on the IJ

You may a preference for a sailing or floating location. Great idea! Amsterdam has a different charm when viewed form the canals.

A catering with delicious food and drinks while sightseeing Amsterdam by boat is a special experience.

We can and will be pleased to organize your catering on a canal cruise, but please ask the representative of the cruise company about their house rules and catering options on the boat.

Catering for ‘On the road’ or when leaving Amsterdam

When organizing a trip through the country or when you are leaving Amsterdam for any reason and you need ‘on the go’ catering then we have exactly what you need and are looking for.

We create custom made lunch boxes, dinner boxes or snack boxes.

Your trip by train, bus or car will not only turn into a celebration but also a discovery of various surprising flavors.

Amsterdam catering with a message

“You are what you write” is known as the rule of thumb for everybody involved in the world of communication. Those who are involved in the food business know that “you are what you eat”. By action and the way we eat we express who we are and who we want to be.

Food is the perfect medium to coalesce these two messages into one and catering provides the perfect platform to communicate that into one message.

With that catering is able to influence the essence of an event

No question is the same in the catering business, there is always a question behind the question. The food we cater should not only be tasty and presentable, but should also be in line with the intended purpose of the event. Whether you are an advertising/ marketing agency or involved in event catering in Amsterdam, we are the catering partner you have been looking for. We speak your language and understand how catering can play an important role in how you want to interconnect with the target audience.

We do not claim to have a solution for everything, but we will do all we can to make your events successful.

Let us know about your planned event and we will exchange with you our ideas as to how our  catering can fit into your plans.

Wedding catering Amsterdam

Wedding plans? Congratulations! You already found a location to celebrate the occasion, but now you need to arrange the catering. Or maybe you have found a location outside Amsterdam, but you can’t find a caterer locally to suit your needs. We are here to help.

Wedding catering often includes many requests and details that are difficult to arrange through a couple of e-mails. Meeting the caterer in person is then also important. You will be ensured that all your requirements are well understood and no questions are left unanswered.

A catering proposal for reception and dinner should perfectly match your budget.  Probably you want an arrangement that pleases both in-laws and hip friends. The right blend of dishes that suit the conservative and the trendy eaters.

A seven course dinner or a three course dinner, these questions need answers, so drop by for a coffee in our kitchen in Amsterdam and we will together draw up a plan that suits your wedding celebration.

Catering for business events Amsterdam

Entertaining guests for business is, impartial if it is a formal occasion or an informal gathering, quite different then entertaining friends at home.

With every catering request, we consider carefully, who are the expected guests and we keep the organizers objective in mind. Meeting you in person will provide us the right information to make the right menu choices in our proposal.

Your details will allow us to offer interesting or special designed menus, a service supervised by experienced event managers and service staff who understand the theme of the event.       

Your details will allow us to offer interesting and special menus proposals supervised by experienced event managers leading service staff who understand the theme of the night.

Check here for sample menus designed for business events, you can also request a direct offer by filling in the form on the page.

Delivery of reception catering, drinks snacks and finger food Amsterdam

When you have everything organized and arranged for your party or event, but no time to make the appetizers, canapes and snacks or you want something different than peanuts and olives. A little more sophisticated than the ordinary, a variety of vegetarian, non-vegetarian and others? No space to chill all the drinks? No worries we’ll do all the drinks logistics and heavy lifting!

Just list your requirements on out catering quote form and we will respond quickly.

Let us know what is available at your location, equipment maybe, tables, oven, working space. This allows us to custom make our snacks based on your possibilities.

Catering in Amsterdam for small and supersized parties

Looking for chef to cook a luxurious six course dinner at home? Just need one or two Amsterdam waiters to pour the drinks and manage the bar during a cocktail? We are here to help you.

We provide the event or catering staff only, or the staff plus the drinks and  food. The choice is yours, just let us know how you like it, flexibility is our motto.

A reception for 1500 guests in the RAI convention center, no problem, we will comply with just how you want it (within the location’s possibilities)

You want us to be discreet, just cooking the food, or simply receive hats and coats upon the arrival of your guests.

You want us to leave quietly after main course is served or you want us to do the dishes and clean the kitchen. Everything is possible, just let us know how you want it and we will send you an offer based on your needs.

Find our offer form!

Party catering for big events Amsterdam   

Thinking “Big, Bigger, Biggest”? Turning 50, married for 50 years perhaps?

Inviting all of the family relatives, associates and the rest of the neighborhood, we have the experience to make this the party of a lifetime.

We arrange everything for you, location, tables, chairs, event and catering equipment and above all delicious food, surprising and exiting dishes your guests will remember for years to come

We know how to spice up your party and love large crowds, just like you.

So put your worries aside and send us your request.

Birthday Catering Amsterdam

Celebrating your birthday is a fun celebration for many. Inviting family and friends for an      exciting evening brings joy in people’s life.

With chips and cheese cubes being out of fashion nowadays, we offer more modern day options. How about enjoying a festive buffet at a giant long table in our cooking studio with the crowd.

If you just want to stay home with your partner, call us for a private chef to cook for the two of you.

Especially when your birthday party is a big event or a surprise for a loved one, call us and we will make it an unforgettable special day.

Our Amsterdam catering partners

We are not alone in our catering services and efforts, we work closely together with culinary experts to make your catering as successful as possibly can.

We purchase organic ingredients from Udea and The Nieuwe Band. Our fruit comes from Warmonderhof.

De Kweeker has a wide assortment organic ingredients as well and is therefore a well-respected supplier for many of our dishes.

Rental service Heman is our partner supplying tables, chairs and other equipment, you may see them arrive at your doorstep to set up organized arrangements also.

Clear detailed Amsterdam catering quote without surprises

We understand that every organizer wants a clear detailed proposal and quotation  for their catering event. With our catering quote form you give us a comprehensive brief about your catering event. You can expect a follow up call from us to confirm some details according to your request.


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